A Humorous Interlude

The summer I retired from the University of Nebraska the Dean of of the College of Natural and Social Sciences sponsored a balloon launch. The students were told that a stuffed toy representing the schools mascot, Louie the Loper, should be featured in any video produced of the flight. As none of the student's work seems to be extant, I have chosen to include my version of the flight herein.


I created a rogue HTTP server in my office several months before the official UNK server came online.

This was the source of much consternation at UNK. As a rogue server online before the universities official site, http://rip.physics.unk.edu was well established in the network of networks as the search engines began to create their various databases. As a result, for many years, this was the most used point of entry for outside bots.

The waybackmachine.org/ robot crawled my site 142 times between December 21, 1996 and September 23, 2010.

Check it out via:


Wherein you may infer I was also running a rogue SMTP server. If you dig a bit you should be able to find my FTP server as well.

Robert I. Price price@rip.physics.unk.edu
This site on line since 21 November 1994

And: http://web.archive.org/web/*/www.unk.edu

The internet was once an enclave: making connections with the rest of the community was easy.

The internet is now a megalopolis: it can no longer be regarded as a community.