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The only photograph of me that I like!

Over hundreds of thousands of years our species evolved a pervasive classical perception.
This perception is so entrenched that far too many of us really think, "What you see is what you get."
      While this is good enough for everyday activities,
            including flying to the Moon,
                  it is profoundly inadequate for really comprehending Reality.

About one hundred years ago we started figuring out that reality is, at a deeper level, quantum mechanical.
      To go beyond a superficial understanding of the universe
            we must break free of the classical constraints
                  our evolutionary past has imposed upon us.

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McCloskey Quote

An Important Aside

Bypass challenging content, or if you are curious (and brave), you can ask me about Warren E. Buffett.

    William H. Gates III    

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Speaks.


Bypass challenging content, or if you are curious (and brave), you can ask me about Warren E. Buffett.

    William H. Gates III    

An Interesting Idea.

Forget Him

As of 08 Nov 2020 —— a narrow win.

The Contest?

Safe, Secure, and Verifiable Voting in Oregon

My Vote 2020

Data = approximations as of 27 August 2020


Change the Response -- Change Outcomes


It's 2020 and the typical full-time salary is $102,000 … right ‽

I read a couple of interesting comments a while ago:

For a revolution involve black people. For reform involve white people.

If you expose someone's malfeasance, you didn't get them into trouble, they did that to themselves.

Sanders Versus Barrett

GOP Priorities

God Questions Gabriel

God Questions Gabriel

Defector Defined

Selfish And Proud

Defector Math

Systemic Inequality

Systemic Inequality

Extreme Leftist Opinion

What does "Progressive" mean anymore?

Being Progressive

Systemic Racism Explained

Apparently, I am a 72 year old millennial ‽


I wouldn't want to offend anyone.

Patriot Defined

I was 21 years old, I missed the memorial service in La Grande, OR · · ·

Link To YouTube (Never Forget: Jeffrey Miller, Allison Krause, William Schroeder, and Sandra Scheuer, 4 May 1970)

This shit has been going on for more than 50 years, what the fuck !!!

Root Causes

Who came up with this idiotic graphic !!!

Reality Does Not Work This Way

Please Explain :



Social Distancing Matters ‽

Florida (State)

          22,000,000 people / 65,755 mi2 ⟹ 334.58 people / mi2

New York (State)

          19,500,000 people / 54,555 mi2 ⟹ 357.44 people / mi2

Metro New York (Urban Megalopolis)

          18,804,000 people / 13,318 mi2 ⟹ 1411.92 people / mi2

Nonlinear Processes : (Think about it ‽)

Suicide is Complicated

Remember Gary Webb

A Catalyst facilitates the formation of the Precipitate.


If you don't understand why I would never consider voting for Biden, you either don't know Biden, or you find him to be an acceptable candidate to represent your point of view.

I know Biden for his positions and voting record over many years. Biden is not better than Trump by any meaningful measure. We need to be looking to improve the situation in this country. Neither of these candidates has anything to offer to repair the damage done over the past several decades. Neither is capable of speaking truth to power.

Perhaps we may someday have an opportunity to participate in developing details of how we can create a more just society. I don't hold out much hope for that becoming a Reality.


Think for Yourself.

A less than honest interpretation of "I will never tell you how to vote, if I do, don't listen to me." was posted on line in 2020.

Think for Yourself

This moment (2233 seconds = 37 min 13 sec) looks bad. · · ·

Link To YouTube (Not A Good Moment)

FDR on our Current Situation

FDR Quote

Bernie Returns

Bernie Returns

Vote For Bernie (Oregon Primary)

Bernie Vote

Support The DNC ! Why ?

Why Support The DNC

Why Support The DNC

Support Anyone But Bernie ! Why ?

Why Support Anyone But Bernie

Vote Him Away

Gun Control ???

I have some friends in South Dakota that would like to understand the response they get for protesting, while on their tribal lands, the Keystone XL pipeline.

Gun Control

When Will We Ever Learn ???

Will We Ever Learn

Cause Of Death

Some Will Never Learn !!!

Some Will Never Learn

Can you explain the obvious?

Explain The Obvious

Be sure to distinguish between the literal "burning down businesses" versus the metaphorical "burning down businesses" that is a part of our oh so very civilized society.

And, just for fun: explain Civil Forfeiture.

Once Again With Feeling? Jacob Blake (Shot 2020 08 24)

This story kenosha-police-shooting-jacob-blake and this one kenosha-wisconsin-police-shooting as well.

Will We Ever Learn

Is it really Capitalism ???

"Who Cares? Let 'Em Get Wiped Out" 09 April 2020


Donor Count
6 April 2020

In the Primary and the General election, I will be voting for Bernie :

Deadline to submit National Ballot to elect Bernie Sanders:

Link to this video (03 April 2020).

        I got into a fight with 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

        The odds were against me.

        I found 5 to be the mean one.

        I would say, "impressive", except, this is just an average joke.

Blue No Matter Who

        19 Dec 2019

            Billionaire Donor Count:
            Joe Biden (44)
            Pete Buttigieg (39)
            Elizabeth Warren (6)
            Bernie Sanders (0)

Person of the Year, Time

The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens

        We all need to be a bit more like Greta Thunberg

Person of the Year, Time
Trump did not like Greta's UN speech of 23 September 2019. She used his words to update her profile.

Following UN Speech
Greta received the Time: Person of the Year award, 11 December 2019. She used Trump's words to update her profile.

Conservatives are not capable of learning the truth, nor can they understand the concept of advocacy.

Deeply Unethical!

The best person for the job!

A truly disturbing episode of Corrupt Trump.

Impeached 18 Dec 2019


Would you like to know why I know George Conway is mistaken?


How did this not end this nightmare?



Orinoco Flow : Enya